From: 	Doquisa, Christina  
Sent:	Monday, August 15, 2005 2:52 PM
To:	 NOC
Subject:	*IMPORTANT** Business Objects Report/Query - By TID, CID or Ring # 


The Business Objects Report query is finally completed (a.k.a. - InfoView).  This will be most useful when you have a Fiber network event and you want to know what TIDS/Nodes are on a Ring, what CIDs and what WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS are effected.

Login/Password = First initial Last name  (i.e. -  CDOQUISA);  Password = Welcome
After your 1st initial login, it will require you to change your password.
(By the way - I tried using just 2 generic logins, but Sarbonese Oxley regulations prohibit this…)

Here is the Business Objects link -

Initial Setup - 

1)  Login
2)  Click on Options - Select Corporate Documents page
3)  At the top of the page, under "Personal Options" - click on  Document Lists
4)  Under Corporate Document List - Select "Engineering"
5)  Under Inbox Document List - click on "Expanded" and select "Once per user session"
6)  Under "Refresh List" - select "Once per user session"
7)  At the top of the page, under "Personal Options" - click on "View Documents"
8)  Under "InfoView" - Select "Standard HTML format"
9)  At the bottom of the page - click on "Apply All Changes"

How to use -  there are several reports beginning with "NOC";

1) NOC Circuit Lookup Report (3 Levels) - Beginning at a DS3 Level - Used to locate Customer info and associated DS1 CIDs; Very useful for locating WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS!
2) NOC Ring ID Lookup Report (3 Levels) - Used to locate all Optical nodes effected in a Ring due to an Outage or Customer Affecting event
3)  NOC TID Lookup Report (3 Levels) - Locate all DS3 CIDs, associated DS1s and down to DS0's riding a specific Optical node

Notes *** 

Use "Control - F" to do Find when searching for a specific item (CID, Customer Name etc.)
"Circuit Level 1" is highest level of hierarchy (Level 3 is smallest); I can explain more on this later if you're unsure of what I'm talking about (Level1, Level 2, Level3 can equal a) TID, DS3, DS1 or b) DS3, DS1, DS0 etc…)
When searching for a string of characters (TID name or CID etc.), copy from TBS and paste into Buis. Obj.; The search works best when you only paste the "core" of the CID info starting from the 4 letter CLLI.
Make sure you keep the "%" at the beginning and end of your string of characters you're searching on 
	(i.e. %IRVNCAUSK%)
I can't change the format of the report to be smaller
The NOC report queries for "5 Levels" will also work the same as above, but will give you more details down to a DS0 if you started as "Level 1" being an OCx item.

PLEASE USE THESE QUERIES*** I had it created for your ease of use in locating our Wholesale Customers so you can contact them during an outage.

If you're confused or have questions on these queries, come see me.

Christina Doquisa
Manager, Network Operations
Mpower Communications

* Change is the only constant *